CF&G is a family owned grain elevator in Clinton, Iowa. With an experienced staff we support the local area with a variety of products and custom application products.


For a beautiful lawn, we carry a variety of grass seeds and lawn fertilizers. Don't forget to get weed killer, crab grass preventer and insect sprays for the great outdoors. For the winter time we have Slip Not (potash) for melting snow and ice, but safer for your concrete and grass.


We bag corn, oats, horse feed, and calf builder using locally grown grains. Other varieties of feeds we carry include: pelleted senior horse feed, farm pond fish food, chicken, duck & goose feed, dog & cat food. We have available pine shavings, straw, and corn cob pellets for animal bedding.


We maintain the largest selection of bulk bird seed in the area. Save money by buying 25 or 50 pound bags to keep the hungry birds happy. Choose from Black Oil or Stripe Sunflower, Sunflower Hearts, Safflower, Thistle, a deluxe mixture, and peanuts in the shell or out of the shell. Squirrels will enjoy the locally grown ear corn available by the bag of 12 or 50 ears.

Check out our variety of quality feeders for all kinds of birds… cardinals, finches, woodpeckers, hummingbirds & more. We carry feeders made by Aspects, Woodlink, Birds Choice, Droll Yankees and more.


New Item -  BLACK GOLD 24/20 High Energy Dog Food.  Recommended for active adult dogs.  50 lb bag $39.99  Sale price $36.99.

Also New - NUTRI SOURCE Adult Chicken & Rice formula Dog Food.  18 lb bag $29.99.  Stop in for a FREE Sample with a $1.00 coupon on the back.

STOMP OUT PESKY BUGS with our Dairy Aerosol!  26 ounce can.  Kills Boxelder Bugs, Asian Beetles, Ants, Spiders, Crickets, Flies, and more. 
Use our TEMPO SC ULTRA CONCENTRATE to spray larger areas.  (Kills over 60 pests, including fleas and mosquitoes)   Convenient bottle for $14.50 makes 2 gallons in your hand sprayer.
WANT ORGANIC?  We have that too!  NATURAL GUARD CRAWLING INSECT CONTROL containing Diatomaceous Earth for indoor and outdoor use.  Also kills many insects, including bedbugs!

  Have you tried our VANILLA OIL to keep the gnats away?  Long lasting and smells good!  Come check it out.  Only $4.25 per bottle.


Ice Melt

We package a natural ice melt product from POTASH fertilizer.
Safer for your concrete, and you can sweep the extra onto your lawn as fertilizer.
We have 40# bags and 10# jugs available.

Daily Grain Prices


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We warehouse crop protection and fertilizer products for corn, soybeans, hay and pasture. We provide application services for liquid and dry fertilizer, anhydrous, and pre and post herbidcide applicaiton.


Dry fertilizer offerings include Potash, DAP, MAP and Micro-Nutrients. We haul and apply lime and gypsum. Dry/Lime application can also be done by variable rate with either of our dry floaters. We handle liquid nitrogen and starters and have two liquid application floaters for your needs.


We can supply anhydrous bars or custom apply to meet your needs.


Our agronomy staff can find the program that fits your needs. Our two liquid floaters and three post machines can get the applications done when you need it.
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